Green and sustainable Epiim

We value continuity and traditions, but we also contribute to scientific research and innovation. We are a responsible and sustainable company that values animal welfare as well as environmentally clean thinking. It is a topic dear to our hearts to bring the environmental impact of dairy production and processing as well as transport to a minimum, and to decrease emissions from agriculture and thereby achieve carbon neutrality by the year 2040.


  • World class cheese, cream, fresh milk products and energy protein powders producer
  • Sustainable Growth
  • Shared Social Responsibility
  • Zero Net Carbon Company by 2040 (2030 – 55%)


  • Our farmers and all our workers
  • Passion for dairy farming and production
  • Partnership and networks
  • High quality and safe products
  • Happy Cows
  • Environmentally friendly approach


  • Fair milk price
  • Carbon footprint measure per kg milk
  • GHG reporting
  • Increased use of Renewable Energy %
  • Carbon Net Zero Operations
  • World Class Animal Welfare Standard
  • Sustainable packaging
  • Closed loops
  • Responsible Sourcing
  • Increased Biodiversity

The story of Epiim

Epiim is one of the largest cheese and butter producers in Estonia, owned by more than a hundred local dairy farmers. Epiim dairies were established at the beginning of the 20th century: the first one in 1910 in Põltsamaa and the second one in 1911 in Järva-Jaani. Today, Epiim dairies and cream station produce cheese, butter and milk powder from more than 120,000 tons of pure domestic raw milk per year.

The letter E in our name stands for Estonian milk, through which we introduce Estonian dairy to both domestic and cross-border cheese lovers. Pure Estonian nature, long-term traditions and a climatically favourable geographic location in a strong agricultural area have created historically good preconditions for successful milk processing. We follow this principle even today.

Food industry developer

Epiim is a company focused on the healthy development and innovation of the food industry. Since 2005, Epiim has been a partner in Bio CC, which collaborates with universities and researchers in the field of both functional food and clinical research. For example, Harmony cheese containing Lactobacillus plantarum TENSIA® and D90 whey powder suitable for infant use have been developed.
Today, Epiim is the first Estonian and Latvian food industry to have created a sustainability program measuring carbon footprint and greenhouse gases. Epiim is also the first Estonian and Latvian dairy cooperative to have its world-class farm standard Caring Farm.

Estonian cheese exporter

Our goal is to add value to and market the raw materials of all the dairy farmers of our cooperative in the best possible way, thus offering high-quality dairy products to both domestic and cross-border consumers. Epiim is the largest exporter of Estonian cheese, having worked closely with the largest cheese countries in the European Union, such as Italy and Switzerland, for decades, and brought Estonian cheese to Asian, African and American markets. Our dairies are recognized with the BRC quality certificate of the food industry, and the Halal and Kosher certificates of conformity.

Modern production of milk powder

In 2011–2013, Epiim Järva-Jaani milk powder industry underwent a complete renewal process. In the summer of 2013, we launched the most modern and environmentally friendly spray-dryer in Järva-Jaani, with the help of which we produce whey, skimmed milk and milk powder; butter and frozen cream in monolithic and small packages. Every year, we produce 8,000 tons of milk powder in Järva-Jaani, as well as 3,000 tons of high-quality 82% fat Estonian butter.


The story of Epiim cheese

Epiim cheeses and butter are made from pure and natural milk collected from hundreds of Estonian dairy farms. This way you can be sure that only high-quality and domestic food will reach your table, by eating which you will also contribute to the development of Estonian rural life.

At Epiim Põltsamaa dairy and Järva-Jaani cream station, varieties of traditional cheese and butter have been made since 1910. In order to offer taste experiences to both big and small cheese lovers and to create new opportunities for using Estonian cheese in different foods, Epiim offers a wide selection of cheese with different degrees of taste and maturity that are available in packaged piece, slice and grated form.

For example, Epiim Põltsamaa dairy produces traditional semi-hard cheeses such as Edam, Tilsit, Gouda, Oltermann, and Basque and Cagliata used in the food industry. Among the more special cheeses, Bresto hard cheeses, Maasdam-type Epiim Special, and Harmony ™ cheese enriched with Lactobacillus plantarum deserve special mention.

In total, Epiim Põltsamaa dairy produces almost 10,000 tons of cheese a year.

Our cheese industry also includes a special smoker, where various smoked and processed cheeses, cheese spreads and cheese snacks are made by hand. All our smoked cheeses get a beautiful golden yellow colour, pleasant aroma and savoury taste because we use only domestic alder chips for preparation.

You can recognize Epiim products by the cheese flower logo. The flower inspired by the sliced cheese ball symbolizes Estonian nature, the countryside and pure domestic milk of a known origin, from which all our cheeses and butter are made.

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