Timeless Estonian classic

A cheese with a balanced flavour and texture made by our own cheesemakers. Originally cylindrical in shape. Excellent for all dishes that need cheese. This cheese tastes better if you keep it at room temperature for 10 minutes.

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Swiss with a character

Epiim’s Special cheese is a Swiss cheese with a strong character and nicely nutty undertone. Its tangy flavour is addictive. Excellent for snacks.

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Snacks for all tastes

The Alder Smoke Snacks are made of natural smoked processed cheese. The nice smoky flavour comes from the genuine alder chip smoke. This product is available in three different flavours – natural, chili and garlic. The snacks are in a nicely convenient size and great for a summery picnic or wintery sauna evening.

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Pure alder chip smoke

True to the Estonian tradition, the alder-smoked Estonian cheese is made in a real smoke oven where the hot alder smoke and the hawk eye of the cheese masters ensure a high quality natural cheese.

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Epiim’s dairy at Põltsamaa and its creamery at Järva-Jaani have produced traditional butter and cheeses from as early as 1910. In order to offer an unforgettable experience in flavour both to adults and young cheese lovers, as well as for the reason of finding new ways of utilising Estonian cheese in various dishes, Epiim offers a variety of cheeses of different flavours and with varying degrees of maturity in block, sliced, and grated forms.

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