We value local sustainable rural life

We create new opportunities in the world for Estonian cheese, butter, protein powder and thereby Estonian agriculture. We are working daily in the name of leaving as green a footprint as possible for our future generations. We believe that sustainable way of working is the only way to offer caring environment for animals and high-quality food for our consumers while being gentle towards the nature.

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World Class Animal
Welfare Scheme

  • Farm Quality Standard
  • Check-list
  • Audit report template
  • Frequency of the audits – 18 months; Time spent on audits: 405 man-days per year
  • Contracted milk producers – the same requirements as on our own farms
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Carbon footprint per kg milk

The result presented is the average from the single farm calculations.
All farms will have completed the calculations by 30 August 2021.


Our average:

1,24 kg CO₂e per 1 kg milk


GHG, CO2 reporting

GHG, CO2 reporting

Renewable Energy

Our Annual Report indicates growth % per farms and factories.


Järva PM OÜ has introduced solar panels — an investment in a green future


Modern biomethane plant in Koksvere village.

CO2 Carbon Net Zero Operations

Towards carbon neutral factories

Towards carbon neutral farms

Carbon neutraal transport; our new milk trucks ride on biomethane


0-tolerance on antibiotic residues

Sustainable Packaging

  • Recyclable
  • Reusable
  • Compostable plastic
  • FSC certified paper-based packaging
  • Plastic reduction %


  • Waste water reduction %/kg product
  • Pre-cleaning of waste water
  • Lefovers/waste utilization as biomethane

Female Farm Owners

Soon we will let you know, how many female farm owners are in SCE Epiim!


Nature Observation and Cycling paths

Soon we will publish here:

  • % of farms have nature observation and bird observation paths, hiking and cycling tracks
  • Totally there are xxx km of nature observation and bird observation paths, hiking and cycling tracks on land used by our farmers
  • Growth per year %

Biodiversity: protecting Nature and Wildlife

Soon we will publish here:

  • % of land has been left for the wildlife
  • % of farm land is forest and non-agricultured land
  • Biodiversity per 1 m2 farmland, number of species
  • Growth % per year grassland and forest
  • Growth per last 10 years

Responsible sourcing

  • Requirements on suppliers
  • Questionnaires and on-site audits


  • Collaboration with universities towards „greener choice“
  • Epiim Group has subsidiary with University of Tartu and Estonian Life Science University
  • Innovative solutions towards smaller environmental footprint
  • Urbanized consumers versus farm – vegan solutions

No soy

We have started five years project to replace soy feed

Biogas production from manure

Use of own feed%

Recycling of packaging materials

Solar panels

Recovery of milk heat energy