Fresh salad with alder smoke cheese and rhubarb sauce


A salad that is anything but common and been there done that. Surprise your menu with exciting new flavours and light summery salad. This recipe was developed in cooperation with Põhjaka manor.


500 g
Green salad
150 g
Epiim's smoked cheese
Handful pine seeds
2 pcs
Fresh rhubarb stalk
0.5 tsp
0,5 tsp
0.5 pcs
Lemon juice
1 pcs
Small onion
Parsley leaves
Olive oil



Rhubarb sauce

Peel the rhubarb and chop it as finely as possible. Take an empty half-litre jar with twistable lid and put the chopped rhubarb in there. Add half a teaspoon of salt and the same amount of sugar. Leave on the table for 20 minutes. There should be around one centimetre of chopped rhubarb in the bottom of the jar. While the salt is curing the rhubarb in the bottom of the jar and removing water from it, chop the onion and parsley. Add them in the jar and squeeze juice from a half of lemon.
Measure into the glass jar twice as much olive oil as you have the rhubarb and seasoning mix. Add freshly ground black pepper, close the lid on the jar and shake well. If necessary, add lemon, salt, pepper or sugar. As a result, you will have a jar full of tasty salad dressing that you can preserve with the jar in your fridge and pour on fresh salad. Instead of rhubarb, you can also use other acidic fruits such as sea-buckthorns or cranberries.


Collect as fresh salad leaves as possible from your own garden, local market or shop. Tear the leaves to biteable pieces and place them in a large bowl. If you wish, add different herbs, cucumber, tomato etc.

Prepare the rhubarb sauce and dress the salad leaves gently with the sauce.
Serve the salad with chips of naturally alder smoked Epiim’s cheese made of local milk and toasted pine seeds.

TIP: The classic recipe for all salad dressings is one part acid (lemon, lime, vinegar, berries) and seasoning (herbs, onion, garlic) and two parts olive oil. It is the easiest to measure the quantities by eye in a glass jar.

Bon appetite!